Thu 10 Sep

Email: Crowdsorcing challenge2!

Hardcore fan Roger needs help IDing a hottie:

Please tell me that one of you knows who this girl is. She's absolutely fucking killing me.

[Her Vid]

I'm begging.

Roger in Ohio
Let's help out our boy and and get a name for this chica. Do you know who she is? ================================================

Chris is the master:

Thanks to Chris's ID on the blog I was able to google her and find out her name's Regina Ice.

Thank you from the bottom of my cold, dark heart,

Roger in Ohio
Well done, sir.
Wed 2 Sep

porn++ 030: Jack's POV 14 / Stormy Daniels / Girls, Girls, Girls

09.02.2009 01:27:31
A flick with Jack's name; but without Jack, a starlet with a lot of recent press, and another fantastic lesbian scene that involves Chamane Star. This week the Feature Review is Jack's POV 14 , Spotlight is on Stormy Daniels, and we open the Vault to look at Girls, Girls, Girls.
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Tue 18 Aug

IRC: #convergent_views

[13:57] Chris: I mean.. we do have myopic viewpoints of sexy
[13:57] Rich: YEP!!!
[13:57] Chris: we've been called out on it before
[13:57] Chris: lol
[13:57] Chris: sometimes I wish ours didn't mostly align
[13:57] Chris: so we could argue more on the show
[13:57] Rich: i'll never apologize for that sir
[13:57] Chris: but everytime you're like
[13:58] Chris: yo look at this hot black chick
[13:58] Chris: she's like 2% [body fat]
[13:58] Chris: I'm just like whaaaaat (fap)

We're Back on iTunes! Thanks guys!

I think you guys really made an impact with your emails. We'll get back to work on ep 30 for Monday.

Thanks for the help!
Fri 14 Aug


I just received notice that porn++ has been removed from itunes. I do not know what to say, I've tried contacting them but have yet to get a reply.

Dear Podcast Owner

The following podcast has not been included in the iTunes podcast directory.

Name: porn++
Feed URL:

Submissions may not be included in the directory for a variety of reasons. For more information, please see the podcast technical specification at


The iTunes Store Team
Our Re:
I have read the podcast technical specification and find no basis for our withdrawal. What is the specific reason?

We currently have approximately 20,000 listeners and a corporate sponsor. We have been in the store since October 2008. What has changed since then?

If you are a fan of the show it is time to raise some hell:
Complain to iTunes: Spread the word in the community: Will update with any new info...

Update 01: (08.16.2009)
The only reasons listed on their official site that justifies removal:
"Why was my podcast removed or not approved?

Unauthorized copyrighted material, erotica, illegal solicitations, and hate speech are prohibited in the iTunes Store. Podcasts with no episodes will be removed. Podcasts with no recent episodes can remain in iTunes but may disappear from some areas."
We do not meet or violate (depending on how you look at it) ANY of these criterion.
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