Tue 2 Jun

IRC: #lacey_clone

[09:38] [r] YO
[09:38] [r] there was a chick in panera this morning that looked like lacey [Duvalle]
[09:39] [c] lol lacey offspring?
[09:39] [r] lacey c2004
[09:39] [r] but if lacey worked out
[09:39] [c] oh wow
[09:39] [r] yeah
[09:39] [c] shoulda took pics
[09:39] [c] lol
[09:39] [r] lol
[09:39] [r] would have seen a bit akward
[09:40] [r] + my camera on phone sucks
[09:40] [c] ya
[09:40] [r] i could send you a pic of you and it'd look the same
[09:40] [c] "who is this sexy man"
[09:40] [r] lol
[09:40] [r] that's lacey!
[09:41] [r] lol
[09:41] [c] lol..
[09:41] [r] i should have been like
[09:41] [r] ma'am, i'm going to need you to move to cali and get into porn asap
[09:42] [c] until she's like 'uhh im married'
[09:42] [c] SO WAT
[09:42] [r] then i'll say:
[09:42] [r] {:^}
[09:42] [c] hahaha
[09:43] [c] she doesn't have to move to cali
[09:43] [c] just to my room
[09:43] [r] lol
[09:43] [r] she's not your type
[09:43] [c] conceded?
[09:43] [r] unless she bleached her hair
[09:43] [c] lol
[09:43] [c] SIR
[09:43] [r] and got that m.jackson disease
[09:44] [c] type boundaries
[09:44] [c] are broken down
[09:44] [c] for lacey-class material
[09:44] [r] word
[09:44] [c] lacey is the black jesse jane
[09:44] [c] for you
[09:44] [r] LOL
Wed 1 Apr

IRC: #paul_vs_viv

[19:03] [r] but it looks.. okay?
[19:03] [c] heavy toy
[19:03] [c] lesbian
[19:03] [c] only
[19:04] [c] rape overtones
[19:04] [r] no wai
[19:04] [c] not as bad as viv thomas
[19:05] [r] "not as bad as viv thomas"
[19:05] [r] ?!?!?!?!
[19:05] [c] ERR
[19:05] [c] PAUL THOMAS.
[19:05] [c] omg
[19:05] [c] mega mistake.
[19:05] [c] lol
[19:05] [c] viv thomas = god
[19:05] [c] paul thomas = sod
Tue 3 Mar

IRC: #nurses

[07:38] [r] i need nurses
[07:38] [r] SO bad
[07:38] [c] sir
[07:39] [c] my dick can't handle it
[07:39] [c] it's like morphine
[07:39] [c] I have to take it in small doses
[07:39] [c] I don't want to OD
[07:50] [r] yeah
[07:50] [r] oof
[07:50] [r] i have to start today though
[07:51] [c] sir
[07:51] [r] otherwise
[07:51] [c] unless you're wearing leather pants I don't know how you're goign to get past scene 1
[07:51] [c] b/c I know jenna haze gets you like she gets me
[07:52] [r] there will be a severe beating in one day
[07:52] [c] hahaha
[07:58] [c] if the rest of the scenes area as funny and awesome as scene 1
[07:58] [c] this could be our highest rating ever
[07:59] [r] hmmm
[08:06] [c] yo this week
[08:06] [r] oooof
[08:06] [c] is going to hurt so bad
[08:06] [c] lol
[08:06] [r] yeah
[08:06] [c] we need it
[08:06] [c] after last week
[08:06] [c] lol
[08:06] [r] my cock is going to call amnesty international.
[08:06] [c] lmaooooo
[08:06] [c] my mom laughed in kitchen
[08:06] [c] b/c she heard me laughing at that

IRC: #travesty

[r] how about...
[r] a (paul) thomas travesty?
[c] hahahaha, Nice.
[r] yo
[r] this thomas guy loves toilets
[r] i just realized how many times we reference a toilet in this flick
[c] he knows that's where his movies belong
[c] hahaha
[r] lol
[r] I almost spit starbucks all over my desk
Tue 17 Feb

IRC: #blonde_joke

[10:21] [r] who do i really like that you don't? [for spotlight this week]
[10:21] [c] what's "my blonde" ?
[10:21] [c] is that what you're asking
[10:21] [c] lol
[10:21] [r] I hate you
[10:21] [c] hahahah
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