Wed 30 Nov

IRC: #reverse_racism

[chris]: racism is like irony
I'm never really sure unless it's obvious
[rich]: what about ironic racism?
[chris]: like?
[rich]: like my porn collection
[chris]: LOL.
and a win for you

*note: a 'win' is when one of us make the other laugh loud enough for coworkers to hear
Tue 18 Aug

IRC: #convergent_views

[13:57] Chris: I mean.. we do have myopic viewpoints of sexy
[13:57] Rich: YEP!!!
[13:57] Chris: we've been called out on it before
[13:57] Chris: lol
[13:57] Chris: sometimes I wish ours didn't mostly align
[13:57] Chris: so we could argue more on the show
[13:57] Rich: i'll never apologize for that sir
[13:57] Chris: but everytime you're like
[13:58] Chris: yo look at this hot black chick
[13:58] Chris: she's like 2% [body fat]
[13:58] Chris: I'm just like whaaaaat (fap)
Tue 28 Jul

IRC: #bl_trends

[09:03] Chris: barely legal 96
[09:03] Chris: lolol
[09:03] Chris: doughy white girl on the cover
[09:03] Chris: I hate you
Wed 10 Jun

IRC: #or_did_he?

[20:35] [chris] there was one [release]
[20:35] [chris] like
[20:35] [chris] trannys love girls
[20:35] [chris] I looked at cover
[20:35] [chris] that question I had
[20:35] [chris] is now decided
[20:35] [chris] "is it less gay/hotter for trannies to bang females"
[20:35] [chris] the answer is deff no
[20:35] [chris] it's like taking acid and watching porn
[20:35] [chris] lol
[20:36] [rich] :\
[20:36] [chris] just fucks with your mind
[20:36] [chris] lol
[20:36] [rich] that is an interesting question tho
[20:36] [rich] lol
[20:36] [rich] yeah
[20:36] [chris] lol
[20:36] [chris] we could talk about it on show
[20:36] [rich] haha
[20:36] [rich] uhhh
[20:36] [rich] i don't know that i...
[20:36] [rich] wait!
[20:36] [rich] you watched tranny porn?!?!?!?!?!
[20:37] [chris] no
[20:37] [chris] lol deff no
[20:37] [rich] LOL
[20:37] [chris] I saw the cover
[20:37] [chris] and was like DO NOT WANT
[20:37] [rich] i don't want to 'research ' the answer
[20:37] [chris] lol ya
[20:37] [chris] if the trap is really believable though
[20:37] [chris] there's that one moment where you're like
[20:37] [chris] okay now WHICH one of them has a dick[?]
[20:38] [chris] lol
[20:38] [chris] (*again* just imagining, good to get it on record that I did not watch any tranny porn)
[20:38] [chris] lol
[20:38] [rich] hahaha
[20:39] [rich] duly noted
[20:39] [rich] ;)
Fri 5 Jun

IRC: #review_fail

[09:53] [chris] oh so
[09:53] [chris] fleshbot did a review of star trek
[09:53] [chris] they loved it
[09:53] [chris] their only complaint?
[09:53] [chris] too much sex
[09:53] [chris] (mega-fail review)
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:54] [rich] wtf?
[09:54] [chris] they suggested they cut sex scenes down a lot like pirates
[09:54] [chris] and offer full scenes on disc
[09:54] [chris] i'm like, that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard for porn
[09:54] [chris] lol
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:55] [chris] some of them may have the chops to be in regular film
[09:55] [rich] are people forgetting what porn is for?
[09:55] [chris] but i'm NOT watching porn for entertainment
[09:55] [rich] the sex scenes should never suffer for the story
[09:55] [chris] I don't care if the plot is superb
[09:55] [rich] exact!
[09:55] [chris] and the script is flawless
[09:55] [chris] my dick is out damnit
[09:55] [chris] sir like always
[09:55] [chris] we're on the same page
[09:56] [chris] it's the rest of these cretens that need to read from the book of p++
[09:56] [rich] i'm feeling that
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