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Mon 14 Sep

porn++ quickie 004: Questionable Porn

09.14.2009 00:50:08
This week we answer burning questions and discuss the pressing issues:, Cock-centric porn, Marie Luv's Directorial Debut. Sex Act Definition: The Spider-Man.
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Thu 10 Sep

Special thanks to Adam and Eve (@adamandeve)

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Hardcore fan Roger needs help IDing a hottie:

Please tell me that one of you knows who this girl is. She's absolutely fucking killing me.

[Her Vid]

I'm begging.

Roger in Ohio
Let's help out our boy and and get a name for this chica. Do you know who she is? ================================================

Chris is the master:

Thanks to Chris's ID on the blog I was able to google her and find out her name's Regina Ice.

Thank you from the bottom of my cold, dark heart,

Roger in Ohio
Well done, sir.
Wed 2 Sep

porn++ 030: Jack's POV 14 / Stormy Daniels / Girls, Girls, Girls

09.02.2009 01:27:31
A flick with Jack's name; but without Jack, a starlet with a lot of recent press, and another fantastic lesbian scene that involves Chamane Star. This week the Feature Review is Jack's POV 14 , Spotlight is on Stormy Daniels, and we open the Vault to look at Girls, Girls, Girls.
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