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Fri 5 Jun

Episode 25 - Jenna Jameson Special

Jenna Jameson x3

The feature review for ep 25 is Jenna Jameson Is Crazy Hot, Spotlight is on Jenna Jameson, and we open the Vault to look at Jenna's Built For Speed.

IRC: #review_fail

[09:53] [chris] oh so
[09:53] [chris] fleshbot did a review of star trek
[09:53] [chris] they loved it
[09:53] [chris] their only complaint?
[09:53] [chris] too much sex
[09:53] [chris] (mega-fail review)
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:54] [rich] wtf?
[09:54] [chris] they suggested they cut sex scenes down a lot like pirates
[09:54] [chris] and offer full scenes on disc
[09:54] [chris] i'm like, that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard for porn
[09:54] [chris] lol
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:55] [chris] some of them may have the chops to be in regular film
[09:55] [rich] are people forgetting what porn is for?
[09:55] [chris] but i'm NOT watching porn for entertainment
[09:55] [rich] the sex scenes should never suffer for the story
[09:55] [chris] I don't care if the plot is superb
[09:55] [rich] exact!
[09:55] [chris] and the script is flawless
[09:55] [chris] my dick is out damnit
[09:55] [chris] sir like always
[09:55] [chris] we're on the same page
[09:56] [chris] it's the rest of these cretens that need to read from the book of p++
[09:56] [rich] i'm feeling that
Tue 2 Jun

IRC: #lacey_clone

[09:38] [r] YO
[09:38] [r] there was a chick in panera this morning that looked like lacey [Duvalle]
[09:39] [c] lol lacey offspring?
[09:39] [r] lacey c2004
[09:39] [r] but if lacey worked out
[09:39] [c] oh wow
[09:39] [r] yeah
[09:39] [c] shoulda took pics
[09:39] [c] lol
[09:39] [r] lol
[09:39] [r] would have seen a bit akward
[09:40] [r] + my camera on phone sucks
[09:40] [c] ya
[09:40] [r] i could send you a pic of you and it'd look the same
[09:40] [c] "who is this sexy man"
[09:40] [r] lol
[09:40] [r] that's lacey!
[09:41] [r] lol
[09:41] [c] lol..
[09:41] [r] i should have been like
[09:41] [r] ma'am, i'm going to need you to move to cali and get into porn asap
[09:42] [c] until she's like 'uhh im married'
[09:42] [c] SO WAT
[09:42] [r] then i'll say:
[09:42] [r] {:^}
[09:42] [c] hahaha
[09:43] [c] she doesn't have to move to cali
[09:43] [c] just to my room
[09:43] [r] lol
[09:43] [r] she's not your type
[09:43] [c] conceded?
[09:43] [r] unless she bleached her hair
[09:43] [c] lol
[09:43] [c] SIR
[09:43] [r] and got that m.jackson disease
[09:44] [c] type boundaries
[09:44] [c] are broken down
[09:44] [c] for lacey-class material
[09:44] [r] word
[09:44] [c] lacey is the black jesse jane
[09:44] [c] for you
[09:44] [r] LOL
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