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Mon 15 Jun

porn++ 026: Pure 18 vol 7 / Sasha Grey / Babysitter 25

06.15.2009 01:46:28
This week it's a feature review that chris can't bag on, and the most rediculous vault scene to date. This week the Feature Review is Pure 18 vol 7, Spotlight is on Sasha Grey, and we open the Vault to look at Babysitter 25.
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Thu 11 Jun

Upcoming Feature Review - Pure 18 vol 7

Grab your copy and play along at home!
Wed 10 Jun

IRC: #or_did_he?

[20:35] [chris] there was one [release]
[20:35] [chris] like
[20:35] [chris] trannys love girls
[20:35] [chris] I looked at cover
[20:35] [chris] that question I had
[20:35] [chris] is now decided
[20:35] [chris] "is it less gay/hotter for trannies to bang females"
[20:35] [chris] the answer is deff no
[20:35] [chris] it's like taking acid and watching porn
[20:35] [chris] lol
[20:36] [rich] :\
[20:36] [chris] just fucks with your mind
[20:36] [chris] lol
[20:36] [rich] that is an interesting question tho
[20:36] [rich] lol
[20:36] [rich] yeah
[20:36] [chris] lol
[20:36] [chris] we could talk about it on show
[20:36] [rich] haha
[20:36] [rich] uhhh
[20:36] [rich] i don't know that i...
[20:36] [rich] wait!
[20:36] [rich] you watched tranny porn?!?!?!?!?!
[20:37] [chris] no
[20:37] [chris] lol deff no
[20:37] [rich] LOL
[20:37] [chris] I saw the cover
[20:37] [chris] and was like DO NOT WANT
[20:37] [rich] i don't want to 'research ' the answer
[20:37] [chris] lol ya
[20:37] [chris] if the trap is really believable though
[20:37] [chris] there's that one moment where you're like
[20:37] [chris] okay now WHICH one of them has a dick[?]
[20:38] [chris] lol
[20:38] [chris] (*again* just imagining, good to get it on record that I did not watch any tranny porn)
[20:38] [chris] lol
[20:38] [rich] hahaha
[20:39] [rich] duly noted
[20:39] [rich] ;)
Tue 9 Jun
Sun 7 Jun

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