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Mon 27 Apr

Ep 022 delayed

Update - Ep 22 is up as of 05/07/2009 06:20pm EST

Episode 022 will be out 05/04/2009.
Wed 22 Apr

Email: aka Shawna Lenee

Are Shawna Lenee and Kara Bare the same chick?

Mon 20 Apr

Email: Porn Jealousy?

Hey guys, I'm a grad student at Frostburg State University and I'm a big fan of your show. I was wondering if you ever get jealous when watching girls you like being screwed by guys. For example, I really like Asian chicks so I will only watch solo or lesbian scenes with Asians since I would be jealous of the guy banging the girls. However, I can watch Belladonna get nailed by some dude, and not feel jealous. Does this make any sense to you guys? Keep up the good work!


This is an interesting concept We'd never considered. Any thoughts?
Wed 1 Apr

IRC: #paul_vs_viv

[19:03] [r] but it looks.. okay?
[19:03] [c] heavy toy
[19:03] [c] lesbian
[19:03] [c] only
[19:04] [c] rape overtones
[19:04] [r] no wai
[19:04] [c] not as bad as viv thomas
[19:05] [r] "not as bad as viv thomas"
[19:05] [r] ?!?!?!?!
[19:05] [c] ERR
[19:05] [c] PAUL THOMAS.
[19:05] [c] omg
[19:05] [c] mega mistake.
[19:05] [c] lol
[19:05] [c] viv thomas = god
[19:05] [c] paul thomas = sod