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Tue 17 Feb

IRC: #blonde_joke

[10:21] [r] who do i really like that you don't? [for spotlight this week]
[10:21] [c] what's "my blonde" ?
[10:21] [c] is that what you're asking
[10:21] [c] lol
[10:21] [r] I hate you
[10:21] [c] hahahah

Email: Spreading the word in Korea

Cool show... I'm glad that I searched for porn in the podcasts [on iTunes]. I asked my friends to listen to your show and they loved it. Haven't listen to all of the podcast but how did you make a girl agree to be the sexy voice??

Btw my friends and I are from Seoul, S. Korea. Heard from the last show you wanted to know where your listeners are.


We're glad you searched and found us too. Thanks for spreading the word!

As many in the listening audience have deduced; Lil is my girlfriend of over 2 years, she was happy to be 'sexy voiceover girl' all I had to do was ask. Lucky for our listeners too, because otherwise Chris would have had to do the sexy voice. 0.o

Tue 10 Feb

Email: Moms dig us too!

Listener Da'Zhon writes in the following:

I'm listening to one of your episodes now and wanted to tell you my situation.
Once I walked in on my mom listening to you netcast. I was shocked but I sat there and listened with her because I was a show I never heated.
That's how informal your show is. Thx for keeping me updated on all the latest porn. You rock rich and chris. WHAAAAT

First off, this is totally awesome.
I think we all fear the day that our parent(s) walk in on us flagellating the meat rocket (or pulverizing the meat loaf for the ladies).
Da'Zhon was able to not only get through this similarly awkward experience but learned of our show through it!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but assuming it's real, A mother and son both listening to our show has to be some type of hypothetical milestone.
Thanks to Da'Zhon for the awesome story, and I hope that more come in. This story definitely made me smile (right before I burst into laughter).

Wed 4 Feb

Email: Sex Cry?

From: Christian

Message: on the last episode, u guys were talking about japanese and something about crying during sex (i think)?

i thought it was great when my i got my girl to cry (happy cry)....although at first i didnt know what to do but she said it was really when she had it again, i thought it was awesome..

it got me curious about men crying during sex? i never once cry during sex, but i read one article that men can cry during sex? so if i dont cry during sex, i dont really enjoy it????

great show...upgrade ur site and add a comments page for listeners.....


I think that everyone reacts differently to situations; physically, physiologically, and emotionally. You cannot judge your reactions by any other standard than your own.

It is similar to watching feature films or reading a book: some people cry during sad stories, I don't. Does that mean that I enjoyed them less or they had less impact on me, I think not.

If your girlfriend reaches that emotional state during sex and it is an expression of happiness, that is great. Will you ever have a similar reaction? Possibly, but if it hasn't happened yet, it may not ever. Don't let that preclude your enjoyment of sex. In other words: don't get hung up on it.

Now go make your girl cry! ;)


p.s. I think Chris was talking about simulated rape porn, that is a whole different kettle of fish.