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What is your second favorite segment of the show?

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    Stephenfam on
  22. Guess I found out about you guys too late. Loved the shows. Are there any plans to come back on or are you back on somewhere else? Surely there is some site that would host your great shows. Tried to find a way to email you directly but couldn't find anywhere on the site to do that. Good luck.
    dangerb on
  23. my favorite segment is you guys coming back.period.
    wabert on
  24. I agree with djjoejoe, plz do something quick. I used to love this podcast...
    Henkmeister on
  25. At this rate I guess I'll check back in a month or so, seeing as that's what I've been doing thus far. Hopefully there will be something new by christmas.
    djjoejoe on
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