Email: Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge Makes a Good Primer

Another email from our girl Bonnie, purveyor of a Canadian adult store, who confirms our recent assertion that Pirates 2 makes a good primer... for the ladies...
Hello boys! It's me Bonnie back from the land of retail porn sales!

I was just listening to your show this on Jenna Jameson and I have a couple of comments to make.

First off let me commend you again on a really great show! As always, it delivers the "more bang for your buck " that I love to share with my customers. Reviews that are awesome enough that I have increased my overall title sales. Thanks to you!

Second, I have a comment to make about Pirates 2 and its appeal as a movie. It does have that bad sci-fi movie appeal in the "R" rating area. But as overall "story" porn it is still on top of my most rented/most sold titles of all time; AMONG WOMEN!! Also among men renting/buying for their wives/partners. The women like their stories I have to say. You are correct in your statement that it really wouldn't "get you there" if you just sat there and watched the flick in it's entirety. To set the mood for a "somewhat" romantic interlude it seems to work.

Keep at 'er guys! The nicknames for some of the guy actors in these flicks are so great! Makes me laugh every time!!

Bonnie, BC Canada
Why would you laugh at a name like Banana-man?


  1. Simple. It's bananarific!
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