Email: New listener shows the love

Hey guys ,

I've been enjoying your podcast for the past month and I've felt guilty that I haven't shown my appreciation. Although I do not watch much porn myself , i find your podcast very funny and entertaining. I've listen to it at work and in the car lol. I hope you keep these shows a cumming , :)

Thanks for showing the love!

I have a feeling that a lot of our listeners may not even watch porn on a regular basis. Which is a compliment to me because it suggests that we are funny enough on our own without need for much context. :)



  1. @Arcangel: We've talked about it (2x and 3x pen) a little throughout the series. We've also talked about priya rai and reviewed a couple o her flicks. she could def be a spotlight on a future ep.
    rich on
  2. Hey you guys! Just wanted to stop by, say Hello and also say that I enjoy listening to you both on your Podcasts. Keep up the great work Oh a couple of things I would like to see/hear you guys discuss in future Podcasts? How about spotlighting such talent as Priya Rai and Persia Pele? Priya is a wickedly hot and freaky little Indian American (India-Indian) and Persia Pele is a smoking HOT Iranian/Persian beauty Also, how about the Porn Princesses that enjoy the wicked "art" of Double and Triple Penetration? (I really enjoy seeing a woman kept busy by multiple partners) Thanks! Keep up the great work Sincerely Arcangel
    Arcangel on
  3. Dude, we're just like porn itself. We don't need a story, just a premise. :P
    chris on