IRC: #review_fail

[09:53] [chris] oh so
[09:53] [chris] fleshbot did a review of star trek
[09:53] [chris] they loved it
[09:53] [chris] their only complaint?
[09:53] [chris] too much sex
[09:53] [chris] (mega-fail review)
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:54] [rich] wtf?
[09:54] [chris] they suggested they cut sex scenes down a lot like pirates
[09:54] [chris] and offer full scenes on disc
[09:54] [chris] i'm like, that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard for porn
[09:54] [chris] lol
[09:54] [rich] yeah
[09:55] [chris] some of them may have the chops to be in regular film
[09:55] [rich] are people forgetting what porn is for?
[09:55] [chris] but i'm NOT watching porn for entertainment
[09:55] [rich] the sex scenes should never suffer for the story
[09:55] [chris] I don't care if the plot is superb
[09:55] [rich] exact!
[09:55] [chris] and the script is flawless
[09:55] [chris] my dick is out damnit
[09:55] [chris] sir like always
[09:55] [chris] we're on the same page
[09:56] [chris] it's the rest of these cretens that need to read from the book of p++
[09:56] [rich] i'm feeling that