IRC: #lacey_clone

[09:38] [r] YO
[09:38] [r] there was a chick in panera this morning that looked like lacey [Duvalle]
[09:39] [c] lol lacey offspring?
[09:39] [r] lacey c2004
[09:39] [r] but if lacey worked out
[09:39] [c] oh wow
[09:39] [r] yeah
[09:39] [c] shoulda took pics
[09:39] [c] lol
[09:39] [r] lol
[09:39] [r] would have seen a bit akward
[09:40] [r] + my camera on phone sucks
[09:40] [c] ya
[09:40] [r] i could send you a pic of you and it'd look the same
[09:40] [c] "who is this sexy man"
[09:40] [r] lol
[09:40] [r] that's lacey!
[09:41] [r] lol
[09:41] [c] lol..
[09:41] [r] i should have been like
[09:41] [r] ma'am, i'm going to need you to move to cali and get into porn asap
[09:42] [c] until she's like 'uhh im married'
[09:42] [c] SO WAT
[09:42] [r] then i'll say:
[09:42] [r] {:^}
[09:42] [c] hahaha
[09:43] [c] she doesn't have to move to cali
[09:43] [c] just to my room
[09:43] [r] lol
[09:43] [r] she's not your type
[09:43] [c] conceded?
[09:43] [r] unless she bleached her hair
[09:43] [c] lol
[09:43] [c] SIR
[09:43] [r] and got that m.jackson disease
[09:44] [c] type boundaries
[09:44] [c] are broken down
[09:44] [c] for lacey-class material
[09:44] [r] word
[09:44] [c] lacey is the black jesse jane
[09:44] [c] for you
[09:44] [r] LOL