Email: What'd bush ever do to you?

NinjaZXR writes:
Why do you guys don't like bush? Oh, please review more retro films such as "Never So Deep" starring Loni Sanders... much appreciated guys! I laugh so much when i listen to the podcast during the workday.
As most of you know, this is a response that changes every episode and I'm always finding new ways to think about Bush and my distaste for it. Here's my current response:
I think psychologically it stems from
First, the feeling that the 70s and 80s were full of bush. I've begun to associate bush with "old people".
Second, It just generally feels dirty or even worse, like they don't care about vaginal upkeep. I know some people comb it to no ends and make sure everything is great on it, but it just doesn't appear that way to me. It makes me think they don't care enough to trim, which means I don't care enough to grace them with vaginal insertion.
Physiologically speaking, when I see a bush blood runs from my pee pee (unless it's attached to a REALLY hot girl, which will result in sexual activity being limited to the upper half of her body).


  1. Bush looks gross. Period.
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