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Welcome to the porn++ weblog, if you're a first-timer tell us something about you.


  1. My name is Toney T and yes....I LOVE PORN! My slogan is, "If I were king of the world, everyone would watch porn!" I'm in the South jersey area where i run two different businesses, one being P.O.R.N! I don't get to watch many of them as much as I would like, have kids in the house but I must say my wife and I do enjoy them. Keep up the good work and may the porn gods be with you....(was that too corny, lol)....
    toneyt on
  2. We are serving the community by proxy! ;)
    rich on
  3. Hey guys! I sent you an email! I love your show! I'm a 33 year old woman who manages a......drum roll please......PORN STORE!! You guys have allowed me to view porn in an entirely different aspect and i can now, recommend films to my customers. Thanks so much! Keep up the awesome job! BonnieB
    BonnieB on
  4. I'm listening to you from Battle Creek, MI (Cereal Capital of the World!) I'm a 34 year old guy who has been enjoying porn for decades. The evolution over time has been great to witness. When I heard your podcast, I was relieved to hear two intelligent guys discussing adult film instead of a a couple of newbs. Porn isn't something often discussed amoung friends, so I'm happy to hear from two guys who enjoy porn at least as much as I do.
    Fairweather on