IRC: #nurses

[07:38] [r] i need nurses
[07:38] [r] SO bad
[07:38] [c] sir
[07:39] [c] my dick can't handle it
[07:39] [c] it's like morphine
[07:39] [c] I have to take it in small doses
[07:39] [c] I don't want to OD
[07:50] [r] yeah
[07:50] [r] oof
[07:50] [r] i have to start today though
[07:51] [c] sir
[07:51] [r] otherwise
[07:51] [c] unless you're wearing leather pants I don't know how you're goign to get past scene 1
[07:51] [c] b/c I know jenna haze gets you like she gets me
[07:52] [r] there will be a severe beating in one day
[07:52] [c] hahaha
[07:58] [c] if the rest of the scenes area as funny and awesome as scene 1
[07:58] [c] this could be our highest rating ever
[07:59] [r] hmmm
[08:06] [c] yo this week
[08:06] [r] oooof
[08:06] [c] is going to hurt so bad
[08:06] [c] lol
[08:06] [r] yeah
[08:06] [c] we need it
[08:06] [c] after last week
[08:06] [c] lol
[08:06] [r] my cock is going to call amnesty international.
[08:06] [c] lmaooooo
[08:06] [c] my mom laughed in kitchen
[08:06] [c] b/c she heard me laughing at that