Email: Spreading the word in Korea

Cool show... I'm glad that I searched for porn in the podcasts [on iTunes]. I asked my friends to listen to your show and they loved it. Haven't listen to all of the podcast but how did you make a girl agree to be the sexy voice??

Btw my friends and I are from Seoul, S. Korea. Heard from the last show you wanted to know where your listeners are.


We're glad you searched and found us too. Thanks for spreading the word!

As many in the listening audience have deduced; Lil is my girlfriend of over 2 years, she was happy to be 'sexy voiceover girl' all I had to do was ask. Lucky for our listeners too, because otherwise Chris would have had to do the sexy voice. 0.o



  1. Wouldn't have been a problem, my James Earl Jones impersonation is impeccable.
    chris on