Email: Moms dig us too!

Listener Da'Zhon writes in the following:

I'm listening to one of your episodes now and wanted to tell you my situation.
Once I walked in on my mom listening to you netcast. I was shocked but I sat there and listened with her because I was a show I never heated.
That's how informal your show is. Thx for keeping me updated on all the latest porn. You rock rich and chris. WHAAAAT

First off, this is totally awesome.
I think we all fear the day that our parent(s) walk in on us flagellating the meat rocket (or pulverizing the meat loaf for the ladies).
Da'Zhon was able to not only get through this similarly awkward experience but learned of our show through it!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but assuming it's real, A mother and son both listening to our show has to be some type of hypothetical milestone.
Thanks to Da'Zhon for the awesome story, and I hope that more come in. This story definitely made me smile (right before I burst into laughter).


  1. I have the feeling that this is made up, but it's too funny not to post in case it is real.
    rich on