Email: Sex Cry?

From: Christian

Message: on the last episode, u guys were talking about japanese and something about crying during sex (i think)?

i thought it was great when my i got my girl to cry (happy cry)....although at first i didnt know what to do but she said it was really when she had it again, i thought it was awesome..

it got me curious about men crying during sex? i never once cry during sex, but i read one article that men can cry during sex? so if i dont cry during sex, i dont really enjoy it????

great show...upgrade ur site and add a comments page for listeners.....


I think that everyone reacts differently to situations; physically, physiologically, and emotionally. You cannot judge your reactions by any other standard than your own.

It is similar to watching feature films or reading a book: some people cry during sad stories, I don't. Does that mean that I enjoyed them less or they had less impact on me, I think not.

If your girlfriend reaches that emotional state during sex and it is an expression of happiness, that is great. Will you ever have a similar reaction? Possibly, but if it hasn't happened yet, it may not ever. Don't let that preclude your enjoyment of sex. In other words: don't get hung up on it.

Now go make your girl cry! ;)


p.s. I think Chris was talking about simulated rape porn, that is a whole different kettle of fish.


  1. Usually the girls I copulate with cry after sex, not during. Still awesome right?!
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