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Rich and Chris are here to help you sift through the latest new releases and discuss starlets and favorite titles. Some people say that the show is just two douchebags spouting off about porn... well, it's hard to argue with that, but if you like porn you'll like porn++.

To subscribe to the show, download episodes or bonus material, and view shownotes click on netcast. The weblog area of the site contains Rich and Chris' frequent posts and discussion of all things porn, including responses to fanmail that didn't make it into the show, terminology, additional 'quickie' reviews, starlets, news, etc... the best part is, fans can sign up and join the discussion by adding comments.

What does porn++ mean?
The name is an homage to our geek status. In several programming languages a numeric-type variable (int, float, et al) followed by the ++ operator increments said variable. In other words; it adds to it. That is what this show is designed to do, help you add to your personal porn collection.

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